Friendship made us feel alive. The feeling that we feel in friendship is the most pleasant thing in this world. Friendship keeps us alive in never ending race. This poem is based on all those feelings.


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The New Turn

A day comes in ever person’s life, on which, the life takes the most difficult test. It not only test the person’s passions, persistency but also test the personality of person in adverse situation. In these situation, the feelings gets clouded by inferiority. This poem will give glimpse of that feelings.

I was having a glorious days in my past. 

Don’t know, is it because of me or others

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The Fear of Failure

Every man comes at the stage, where he couldn’t find any way to his mysterious destination. His aim seems lost in the wild darkness of failure. Some of us overcome the failure while in some case failure overcomes us. All we need to do is use that failure as the weapon to achieve something big in life.

Failure is overcoming my mind

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